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The terms and conditions for the registered associates of ‘Shopern’.

    ‘Shopern’ Terms and conditions
    The terms and conditions for the registered associates of ‘Shopern’.
    1. Any one above the age of 18 can be the registered associate of ‘Shopern’ but sonly at the discretion of the management.
    2. To be an associate in ‘Shopern’ is meant for shopping and for the purchase of travel tickets, utility bill payments etc.
    3. It is mandatory for the associate to be registered in the ‘Shopern’ doing an initial charging of minimum Rs.1000/- in advance.
    4. Every associate of ‘Shopern’ will have two valets namely: (1) Principal valet (2) Incentive valet
    5. Principal valet is meant only for shopping from ‘Shopern’, the initial charging and every recharging of the account will go to the principal valet.
    6. Any kind of incentive generated in the account will be transferred to incentive valet on Daily basis which the associate can use for purchasing travel tickets, utility bill payments, shopping etc. or can be transferred to their bank account.
    7. As the initial charging and every recharging meant only for shopping from ‘Shopern’ it is mandatory for the associates to do shopping from ‘Shopern’ within ten months against the charged amount from their respective dates of charging. Associates enjoy the freedom to withdraw 50% of the balance available from the principal valet at the completion of the six months of the charging. In case there is balance in the principal valet at the completion of ten months of the charging, the associates have the choice of doing shopping from ‘Shopern’ availing 50% in addition of the available balance or the balance can be can withdrawn at the completion of ten months.
    8. When one becomes an associate in ‘Shopern’ giving the reference mobile number of any other associate in ‘Shopern’, the sponsor/introducer is eligible for getting an incentive of 5% each of the initial charging and of every further recharging done by the sponsored.
    9. Every associate shall receive a bonus incentive on daily basis in their incentive valet based on the velocity of the business transaction they do in their principal valet coupled with the business volume of the company. The incentives as well as all the terms and conditions of the company are variable based on the marketing strategy of the company from time to time.
    10. The associates are free to cancel their registration within ten days but not after that.
    11. Due to any unforeseen reasons if ‘Shopern’ is forced to hold back its business it shall refund or compensate all the dues to its associates with in fifteen days after the completion of legal formalities.
    12. The associates are bound to keep record of the receipts of initial charging and recharging along with the duly signed original agreement.
    13. All arbitrations fall only under the jurisdiction of the court of Delhi.

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